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Deerfield Beach Restoration Expert Deerfield Beach, FL 754-216-6297Mold is everywhere; in our homes, offices, and the environment. While it serves a greater purpose in nature by breaking down and decomposing dead organic material, it’s when it invades your homes and grows to higher levels that it starts showing its uglier side. Mold can latch on to damp spots in your property and feed on the organic matter, which in this case, may be served by your precious teak cabinet or the drywall. Slowly, this unsightly visitor can amplify, eating into your property and inflicting damage far beyond you imagine. Don’t let it grow, instead, call Deerfield Beach Restoration Expert for mold remediation by dialing 754-216-6297 and say goodbye to your mold woes forever. We are the experts in Deerfield Beach, FL area.

What are the causes of mold?

Water leaks:  Leaks from your plumbing lines can also contribute to mold growth, which only tends to worsen if the leak goes undetected for a long time. Early detection is thus crucial to prevent it.

Condensation: Cold surfaces at home, such as metal pipes with cold water running through or window sills, concrete floors and other areas may experience condensation, which can later lead to mold growth.

Poor ventilation: If your property is poorly ventilated, chances are that the stagnant air carries moisture, which in turn can contribute to mold growth.

Humidity: If the inside of your property is extremely humid, chances are you may be sheltering mold, because the fungus is generally known to thrive in such environments.

How do I know if there’s mold in my property?

The answer is not that simple, because unless it’s glaring straight at you, hidden mold is often deceptive and evades your eye, until the problem worsens. Here are three clues you can look for:

#1) There’s been some damage

If there’s water damage in your home, there’s mold. Look for areas that are damp or wet, such as in the attic, basement or anywhere else where there’s plumbing lines or other sources of water. If you notice water where it shouldn’t be or stains on the walls or peeling paint, mold might be present.

#2) You can smell mold

Even if you don’t know what mold smells like, once it hits you you’ll know. That musty, odd and overpowering odor can be easily distinguished. If mold remains hidden behind the wall or in the air vents, the odor might be the only clue you get.

#3) You or someone else is sick

Listen to the signs of your body. Even if you can’t see or smell mold, if you’re facing health issues, such as respiratory problems or unexplained headaches that even repeated visits to the doctor cannot solve, it could be attributed to mold.

I suspect there’s mold. What do I do?

Hidden or visible, never attempt to clean out mold on your own, because the problems runs deeper than simple surface cleaning with household bleach. What you need to do is call a mold remediation expert such as Deerfield Beach Restoration Expert right away and get them to take a look. When you call us, we get to the root of the problem unlike others in Deerfield Beach, FL area, and use designated EPA-approved chemicals to clean it out. Any leak or excess humidity is addressed, following which our experts take steps to ensure the mold does not make a comeback.

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