Deerfield Beach Restoration Expert - Water Leaks Detection


Deerfield Beach Restoration Expert Deerfield Beach, FL 754-216-6297Unknown to you, there might be a small water leak lurking in a dark corner, slowly manifesting itself into bigger problems and demanding expensive repairs. Over time, your plumbing may experience significant wear and tear, may corrode, accumulate rust or may simply give in at some point, leading to water leakage. A failed sprinkler system or leakage through ac drain pipes or other appliances can also cause substantial damage to your property. With timely detection, you can circumvent the problems that arise out of delayed remediation and repairs. If you don’t know where to look for a leak detection expert, choose Deerfield Beach Restoration Expert. We are a locally owned and operated firm in Deerfield Beach, FL area with a team of trained specialists in water leak detection. Whether prevalent or hidden, our experts can uncover any leak and fix it right on time.

Detect, don’t delay!

You might dismiss a water leak and put off repairs until later. After all, what’s the big deal? The water loss won’t amount to much and the rise in bills will be insignificant. That’s what you think, but in a majority of the cases, that’s not true! If an area of your property, such as the drywall gets dampened by the leak, it hosts the perfect environment for mold to grow. That’s not all; water can seep into porous materials causing structural weaknesses that may demand repairs or an expensive replacement. The more the delay in finding the leak and fixing it, the greater the accumulated damage! Never let it grow, instead call us on 754-216-6297 and we’ll curb the damage before it turns into a catastrophe.

Traditional vs. Contemporary: The best leak detection approach

What’s the tradition approach to leak detection? Narrow down the location based on visual cues or sounds of running water and based on the vague suspicion, tear down the wall or remove the flooring to take a look at it. Sounds simple? It is, but consider the aftermath: with the leak fixed, you might have to chip in for the repairs that follow. We don’t take the simple route, it’s what amateurs do, not professionals!

Our leak detection approach is backed by scientific advancements and uses state-of-the art equipment to figure out exactly where the leak is without inflicting even the slightest of damage. How? Use of thermal imaging cameras allows us to map out the exact location through temperature variations. In addition, Deerfield Beach Restoration Expert also uses fiber-optic cameras and ground penetrating radar to retrieve information.

What comes after detection?

Repair: Fixing the cause: Be it a burst pipe or a faulty home appliance, once we figure out the source, we fix it and double check it to make sure it doesn’t throw up a problem again.

Restoration:  Rewinding the damage: If the leak had remained hidden for a while, and you’re only calling us in after the damage has propagated, there has to be some amount of restoration done. This can range from something as simple as replacing worn out wallpaper to eliminating mold growth.

Prevention: Setting up leak detection systems:To ensure that a leak doesn’t evade you anytime in the future, there are leak detection systems you can install. Passive variants alert you of a leak, while active variants can work to stop the leak. Explore the options by consulting experts.

Do you suspect there’s a leak? Confirm your suspicions by calling us on 754-216-6297. We provide the fastest, most accurate and efficient leak detection services in Deerfield Beach, FL area.