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Deerfield Beach Restoration Expert Deerfield Beach, FL 754-216-6297‘My pipe burst. What do I do now?’ We, at Deerfield Beach Restoration Expert, have been there, seen it all and we know exactly what you’re feeling in such situations. The answer is simple: choose a water damage restoration company that can fix both the cause and the effect of the event. While hiring a plumbing company may address the source of the water damage, the aftermath of it is not their territory. You may either have to clean up the mess yourself and discard items that could have been salvaged, or hire a clean-up service for the job.

Why go through the hassle, when you have us, the one-stop destination for all your needs? Over the years, we’ve garnered an appreciable reputation in the Deerfield Beach, FL area, working our way steadily to the top with our number 754-216-6297 slowly, but surely finding its way into the emergency contacts of a majority of the population. When water damage hits, don’t wait! Ring us up, and we’ll be there in less than half an hour.

It’s a destructive chain of events:

You notice a small leak, but fail to address it. A week later, you find the entire drywall soaked. You again ignore it. After all, what harm can a little dampness do? But two days later, you find ugly spots indicating mold growth. You again dismiss it, and push off the clean up. Family members start to fall sick one by one, and at this point, the drywall is almost fully covered in mold, warranting a replacement. This is just a simple example of how one thing leads to another and sets up a chain reaction that goes on forever.  Don’t let it happen; rather identify water damage in its early stages to curb losses to a bare minimum. That’s where Deerfield Beach Restoration Expert can help you!

No idea where the water is coming from?

It’s not always that water damage makes itself obvious. Sure, a burst pipe or a leaky roof may catch your attention almost instantly, in some of the cases, you tend to overlook it until the damage has reached its peak. If you suspect there’s a leak or perhaps, you’re unsure if your property has held up after a recent rainstorm, you can always call us for water damage detection. We use the latest technology to find moisture even in the most unexpected and hidden places. This allows us to determine if your property has taken a hit, and deploy appropriate drying procedures.

Surface drying isn’t enough. What our professionals do?

Fixing the source of the water damage such as a leaky appliance or roof doesn’t solve the problem. Chances are that water has already seeped into the porous materials used in your home, such as the walls, wood or flooring. On the surface, it may seem dry, but do not be deceived. Moisture can be retained within and continue to exacerbate the damage. That’s why, unlike others in Deerfield Beach, FL area, we don’t set surface dryness as a parameter;  rather we detect moisture levels to determine if we’ve eliminated every last trace of water. This is achieved by using high-end heat vacuums along with air movers and blowers to completely dry out your property.

Burst pipe? Overflowing sink? Leaky roof? No matter what the cause of water damage, call 754-216-6297 to find a speedy and apt damage restoration.